The World of Lo Gnocco


The World of Lo Gnocco


Good things take time and love

Our gnocchi (Italian dumplings) are born from a careful blend of water and flour, left to warm for the perfect amount of time needed to guarantee a soft and creamy dough. After pastuerization, the dumplings continue on their way along the production line to be packaged.

A quality choice

We always select only the highest quality ingredients from those that are available in the market. Our potato gnocchi always have to be the best.


We consider our Italian dumplings to be genuine all the way through to their packaging. We do not package using vaccum technology nor in a modified atmosphere. Our packaging takes place in a natural environment. The gnocchi are deposited inside their package and simply sealed at the ends.

We use natural potato flakes

To speak to the heart of our consumer, Lo Gnocco is made with only natural ingredients. We stand up against our greatest competitors by ensuring that we are always producing a genuine and sincere product, using potato flakes without additives, giving our gnocchi the same natural colour as home-made dumplings.

Super light

Lower in calories than the average of the popular gnocchi.

Safety first

To guarantee a quality product each time, we perform periodic quality checks and analysis on the entire process – from the ingredients through to the finished product.

Guaranteed Shelf-Life

Shelf-life, literally the “life of the product on the shelf”, is that period of time during which the product maintains its characteristics and quality in normal conditions of storage and use. The determination of shelf-life of our gnocchi is regularly tested against our food safety systems.

> Fresh Line: our line of fresh products does not contain preservatives and no sterilization is carried out on products. Expires in 10 days. Store at +4°.

> Classic Line: contains preservatives, and is subjected to sterilization to guarantee a long shelf life. It maintains the same flavour, texture and quality of the fresh product. Will hold for 120 days (for the Italian market), and with an extended sterilization for the international market we offer a product that will hold for 365 days. Store at room temperature (+20° +24°).

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