The growth

“We have been producing Gnocchi for over 20 years”

Since the 90’s Li Vecchi Santo has come a long way: their story is one of great passion for the Italian cuisine, with clear goals and ideas to create a legacy for their family. Essedi Pasta di Prato was founded just a few kilometres from the historic center, by of the father of the family, Santo, who produces potato gnocchi and continues to lead the company alongside his children.
Today, Essedi Pasta di Prato is a limited liability company which is managed by the members of the Li Vecchi family who share in the passion for the production of gnocchi (Italian dumplings). It includes a production plant that over time has undergone many upgrades to support the growth of the company.


The company was re-opened by Mr. Santo Li Vecchi, with a location in Prato on Via Basilicata, under the name Pastificio Pratese, specializing in the production of gnocchiitalian dumplings, from traditional recipes to a variety of flavours.


The Li Vecchi family took over the management of the pasta factory, changing its name to ESSEDI PASTA SRL.


The head office moves to Carmignano (PO) at Via Guido Rossa 78/4. This same year investments were made into more advanced equipment to facilitate development and growth of the company in the field of gnocchi production.


il-mercatoPropriatery brand “Lo Gnocco” and “private label”

From the 90’s to today, Essedi Pasta has achieved great success in specializing in the production of potato gnocchi under the proprietary brand “Lo Gnocco” and under “private label”. Many companies have chosen Essedi Pasta to create products under their brands, recognizing the company as a trust-worthy and innovative partner. Initially, the market was concentrated exclusively on third parties, Metro Italy and America.
They looked to expand their market through previous clients, even in the GDO, creating their proprietary brand “Lo Gnocco,” while continuing to produce gnocchi for third parties. The Essedi Pasta market in Italy includes GDO, Wholesalers and Food Retailers, as well other contacts across Europe, with the objective to continue to grow its distribution. The growth has been gradual, with the excellent results obtained from the GDO greatly expanding our reach in the field of Italian dumplings production.

The secret of this success?

Certainly the quality, which regardless of the growth has remained in tact, ensuring that our product always has that home-made taste. This is the result of a long-term strategy that focuses the company on investing in innovation and technology to improve quality and food safety. Essedi Pasta has technologically advanced equipment and facilities that complement their core values of artisanal tradition.


Quality & Convenience

The highest quality at the right price, this is what sets our gnocchi apart, quality which notwithstanding our growth, has remained artisanal. This quality is made possible by the love and attention that is given to very single product that we create. These features are preserved over time by continuous monitoring throughout the cycle; from the arrival of raw materials, packaging and finally during shipment to the customer. The result is a family company that operates with seriousness and professionalism, that will stand behind the quality in all of its gnocchi.

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